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The Travel Chronicle

By the traveler, for the traveler, The Travel Chronicle family of travel sites is committed to providing commentary and photos of great places to vacation and explore – contributed by people who have actually been to those destinations and taken the pictures!  We are not interested in providing generic travel articles that are cranked out in word processor sweat shops and copied across the web.

The internet is brimming with detailed travel information and links to booking opportunities – for anyone who has already decided where they want to go next.  Our travel websites are intended to be especially useful for anyone seeking inspiration and ideas for new places to visit.  Always entertaining, and uniquely informative, we will also charge up your anticipation and enthusiasm for a destination you’ve already chosen.

Real world travel tips are included, and our Travel Plan and Travel Photography sections have practical suggestions and strategies you probably won’t find anywhere else.

We place a special emphasis on the Western United States where we live, but have plenty to show you from trips to exceptional destinations in many parts of the world.

You can find websites for different destinations on the Front Page, and on each site you can use our blogging tools to submit questions or comments, or to share your own travel experience and travel photos of that particular place.  If you would like to contribute a new Post on one of the these websites, especially one containing photographs, please pay a visit to our Tips To Authors page first.)

We have a very different mission than most travel sites because we aren’t trying to provide up to date information on places to stay or eat, but are more interested in the culture, history, natural beauty and wildlife of the places we feature.  In fact, if you can put together a great travelogue with great photos (even black and white) based on experiences from 50 years ago, we’d love to see what you have to offer.  Whether current or historical, if you have lots of material for someplace in the world than we do not currently feature, send us an email!

We will also entertain submissions from professional writers and photographers if the material is unique.

The website itself is a do-it-yourself project made possible by WordPress, who provided the mechanics that make this thing work as a blog site, and Bytes For All, who designed the bells and whistles that allow for some coherent organization and presentation of the material.  Programming experience is not employed, and none is needed to participate.

Welcome to our world of travel.