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Travel Plan

The Travel Chronicle website was inaugurated with an initial list of 24 locations visited in the span of eight years, which probably means that we do more than the average amount of traveling.  We purposely structured our lives to make that possible, and we don’t expect that many readers are willing to make career or job sacrifices to match our pace.  Regardless, whatever your circumstances you can almost certainly do more traveling, and have more fun doing it, just by having a plan to make that happen.

Each individual travel site in The Travel Chronicle series includes some “Travel Plan” background information on what inspired that particular trip and what sort of effort went into putting it together.  So here at travel chronicle central we’ll use this space to pass along some of the general strategies we use to expand our overall travel opportunities.

Please don’t expect any great revelations as this is mostly common sense, but combine all of the elements described here and it will almost certainly add up to an extra trip or two every year or so, at minimum.

Africa Kenya Nairobi Wilson Airport Motion

Kenya - Nairobi - Wilson Airport // Motion

Scotland Islay Laphroaig Clock Time

Scotland - Islay - Laphroaig // Time


A buzz phrase from business productivity studies is especially applicable to travel strategy.  The whole art of figuring out how to see the most places with the least effort is also the most affordable approach as well; efficiency provides cost savings in travel just as it does in industry.


You wouldn’t drive for an hour to spend twenty minutes at a movie, and there’s no point in going to Africa for a week.  Is there a major trip to the far side of the planet that you’d really like to make?  How far into the future do you need to plan to set aside a month during which you can make that trip?  Six months?  Two years?  Do the kids need to be at least twelve, and that’s six years from now?  Whatever your answer is, that’s the start of your travel plan.  Take it from there, and do it.


Will some personal or professional obligation take you far from a place you’d rather be?  Make that trip some other time, and start looking at what there is to see near the place you’re required to go.  You may not be able to go to San Francisco as part of a trip to Miami, but you can probably extend your stay in Florida.  Research the area you’re traveling to, and take advantage of the fact that you’ll already be there.

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